Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm Review

BeatleBabe reviews the EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm. This is the newest medicated EOS Lip Balm. She wasn’t a big fan of the smell of the medicated Tangerine one, so she is hoping that this one smells better.

This one is a pain relieving lip balm with cooling menthol and hydrating aloe. The active ingredient is about half of a percent of menthol. It temporarily relieves pain and helps heal chapped lips. It has hydrating butters and aloe and is hypoallergenic. Like all EOS it is paraben and petroleum free, not tested on animals, and gluten free. They list is as useful for the temporary pain relief of things like fever blisters, sun burns, cold sores, or minor skin irritations.

The product is packaged in two colors of purple and is very pretty, and the actual product is white. Unlike other EOS it lists the expiration date on the bottom of the actual product instead of the paper packaging, and it also has a very good shelf life. It immediately smells way better than the tangerine, according to her. It is $3.29 on the EOS Website.

It is not quite a chamomile scent, but has a herby quality to it, and is very earthy in scent, and has a small bit of aloe scent as well. She does very much enjoy the scent. Once applied it slowly begins to have a cooling and tingly feeling to it, and still smells nice when it’s on. It has a slightly sweet flavor to it. It is kind of thin in consistency with a little stickiness. It’s mostly creamy but isn’t waxy and is fairly smooth. It is not as cooling as the sweet mint one. It doesn’t have much shine factor at all. She does recommend it more than the Tangerine one.

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