Drew Madden warns of impending healthcare emergency

Drew Madden is one of the leading figures in the U.S. healthcare industry today. Having spent more than 20 years in the business, Madden has gotten a front-row look at the things that ail the country’s healthcare system. He has seen how the major hospital networks, HMOs and pharmaceutical companies engage in cartel-like behavior, gouging customers and running off with ill-gotten profits. At the same time, Madden has gained an uncomfortable appreciation of just how detrimental this predatory behavior could ultimately prove to be for the country as a whole.

As the head of Evergreen Healthcare Partners, a small consultancy firm that tackles some of the toughest issues in healthcare on a daily basis, Madden has a special interest in getting to the bottom of the dire problems that are currently consuming the U.S. medical system and finding workable solutions to those issues. One of the things that Madden has repeatedly emphasized is that returning to a more free-market-based system could do wonders for the unfair and exorbitant practices that now define the U.S. system of medicine.

Madden says that one of the most serious issues today is the sheer inability of patients to get good and intelligible information on such things as the cost of medical procedures and the details of insurance policies. Madden says that he has seen over and over the total inability of the average healthcare consumer to understand even the most general outline of the insurance plans that they have bought. This, he says, leads to tens of millions of Americans each year getting the potentially devastating news that their health insurance plans do not cover badly needed procedures or medicines.

The result, says Madden, is that medical bills are currently the number-one cause of bankruptcy in the United States. So outrageously expensive is the system and opaque the insurance industry that people getting hit with just one medical emergency often means that they eventually need to give up entirely, declaring bankruptcy and losing most of their assets.

Drew Madden warns that those personal emergencies are slated to become a singular national emergency if concrete steps are not taken to reel in the ever-expanding cost of medical care in America.

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