You’ll Love Discovering Organic Beauty With Lime Crime

Sure, you’ve heard people say, beauty is only skin deep, but the popular Lime Crime blend makes beauty organic. Their designer, Doe Deere, was one of the first to decide to use matte as a base, when others weren’t interested in taking the risk. The move turned out to be a success. Today, their cosmetics have millions of products exclusively online. The unique color trend has attracted both gals and guys to their versatile sized palettes. Popular brands like their Polly Pocket collection lets you decide how much, or how little color you need. Learn more by visiting user testimonials on YouTube.

Customers Prefer The Super-Foil Formula

Their super-foil formula goes on buttery-smooth and is completely waterproof. Their palette is a rich blend of cosmetics that includes lipstick and eye-shadow products. The matte base is formulated without texture, tone, or gloss to promote your organic beauty. For example, you’re invited to try the new Apricot Nude summer collection to wind down the summer. Their exclusive Venus XI collection is a splitting image of their fantasy unicorn likeness. Deere says, her products will remain cruelty-free, and safe to use everyday. Sensitive skin suffers are also invited to use the LC cosmetics blend.

LC Cosmetics Business News

LC, stood out as an exclusive brand and attracted the attention of the popular Tenegram, equity firm. They’re only interested in partnering with previously branded products, services, and goods. The Lime Crime brand has sold millions of products exclusively online and attracted the attention of the equity giants. Their new CEO, Stacy Panagakis, will continue to market their cosmetics under their original marketing strategy. They’ve also been able to create an e-commerce market in China to stop the sale of blackmarket matte products. The deal was a success, and they’ve sold a million products since they recently launched their new market.

Visit the Lime Crime website for more purchasing details on their unique colors. Enjoy great shades and hues that enhances your natural beauty and brings out all your best features. Be completely unapologetic about your natural beauty by choosing the LC cosmetics blend today.

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