Robert Deignan: From The Gridiron To The Business Office

Robert Deignan has become a successful entrepreneur and is the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services. At one point in his life, he played professional football and was in two different teams in the NFL. Robert has a BS in organizational leadership. Mr. Deignan has used the lessons he has acquired in his experiences on the football field and in the office to create his own business.

Robert has traded in his jersey for a suit and tie, but that doesn’t stop him from being just as determined as ever. He begins his day early in the morning, a little after 5 am and gets ready for the gym. Physical fitness is still part of his daily routine because of all of the added health benefits it has on the brain. Robert does a few weightlifting and cardio workouts with a friend for about an hour before heading back home.

Once he gets back home, he prepares a cup of coffee, gets his son ready for school and heads to his backyard for a while. Being in the outdoors is where Robert generates his most innovative business ideas and is also where he prefers to enjoy his cup of coffee. If he is not doing this in his backyard, he does it in Colorado or in Costa Rica while on a trip. The successful entrepreneur is at the office and ready to go just a little after 8 in the morning. Then, he proceeds to analyze some numbers and finish any unfinished work from the day before.

The rest of the day is played by ear for Robert. He usually finishes up and is home by 8 pm unless his son has a baseball game. In that case, he will usually leave the office at about 6:30. He likes to have dinner with his family before putting his son to bed, watches some TV and gets ready to do it all over again tomorrow. The most exciting trend for Robert is the increasing use of remote technologies that people are using to help them fix their computers.

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