Lime Crime & Doe Deere Equals A Winning Combination

Doe Deere, a former fashion designer, is at the top of her game right about now, and she has one of the absolute best beauty brands on the market today. This Russian-born beauty has parlayed her love for brilliant colors into a successful cosmetics business. Lime Crime just so happens to be the name of the cosmetics brand. You won’t find another beauty brand today that is as eclectic as this. Deere started her very own fashion collection back in the early 2000s. In 2004, this fashion collection would be introduced to an online market. Deere’s fashion collection was a direct reflection of her personal style.

Deere has spent copious amounts of time fabricating and modelling her fashion line attire. This independent fashion line was being sold only on eBay, and she made a few dollars from doing so. While out shopping, Deere noticed that many of the current makeup brands lacked in colorful hues. Everywhere she looked, the same colors were present. This is actually when Lime Crime cosmetics came into fruition and Doe Deere decided to fill this empty space. One of the best things about this woman is that she has a strong passion for what she does. Though she went to school at FIT, she would leave school early and head into business. Deere was able to pickup enough knowledge before starting her business, and this knowledge has certainly paid off.

Alien (neon green), red velvet, black velvet, teacup (powder blue), cement (gray), pink velvet, Zenon (glitter gold), flamingo (brilliant pink), beet it (intense purple) and wicked (blood red) are just a few of the many dazzling colors that can be purchased from this exclusive brand. “Ever since I got into the makeup business, I have never looked back,” said Deere.

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