Jeunesse’s NV Products Help The Economy

Every artist knows that airbrushing makes skin look smooth. It is nearly impossible to apply an even layer of pigment using a brush and hand. The advantage of an airbrush comes in the fact that you can spray on many thin layers to create one uniform layer. That’s what gives those models that envious glow.

That’s why I choose to use NV from Jeunesse. This line of skincare products offers the best foundation that I have ever used. That’s because it comes in a misting bottle that allows you to control just how much foundation you want to put on. I recommend putting on three layers in order to get that airbrushed look.

All you have to do is shake the bottle for five seconds before holding it a few inches from your face. Jeunesse says that the optimal distance is 8 inches. Waive the can back and forth in a smooth zigzag pattern to get that first layer of foundation applied. Repeat this process to see your face getting smoother. Do it a third time to get that radiant look that everybody will be envious about. This mimics the professional application of makeup.

I also feel good about ordering my products from a company like Jeunesse. They don’t sell their products in stores. Instead, they use a network of direct sellers to bring their anti-aging products to you. This allows them to sidestep the middleman to bring you the best products for the lowest prices. But it also helps the economy.

You don’t have to sink your money into any of those big box stores. Your money won’t be going to some corporation. Your money goes directly to the network of direct sellers when you buy products from Jeunesse. This boosts the economy from the bottom up.

And it’s easy to support Jeunesse after you learn about their founders. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were already successful business people and were enjoying retirement when they decided to team up to bring you these anti-aging products. Nine is the number that stands for longevity so they decided to launch on September 9, 2009, at 9:00 p.m.

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