InnovaCare Health Plans To Help Puerto Rico With Penelope Kokkinides Leading The Effort

InnovaCare Health is a major health care provider that provides insurance across the United State. InnovaCare Health is active in Puerto Rico with it taking major steps to address the problems facing Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. InnovaCare Health plans to help the island’s population with the difficulties still facing the island, the long term effects of the crisis, and helping a population that still doesn’t have power in some places.


InnovaCare Health recently setup a recharging booth in the island’s capital. This is a place where Puerto Ricans can go to recharge their phones. This helps a population where the capital still has to deal with hours long blackouts. InnovaCare Health is able to offer health care advice, counseling, and referrals from this location. InnovaCare Health focuses on helping the elderly with about eighty percent of the island’s InnovaCare Health customers being elderly. InnovaCare Health is currently working to help these people as many of them need longterm care.


The head of InnovaCare Health Penelope Kokkinides recently sat down with President Trump to talk about the issues facing the island. This meeting was designed to help remote parts of the country get access to electricity, clean water, and health care. InnovaCAre Health has a number of mobile clinics that they are using to reach these remote areas. This is especially important when trying to reach elderly people who cannot travel over rough roads or need access to health care on a near daily basis.


InnovaCare Health is currently hiring people to address the issues facing Puerto Rico. In addition, this is a company with ten thousand employees, and they are always looking for job candidates.


The company is currently hiring a Chief Medical Officer for their Miami, Florida office. This position will require the candidate to both serve customers in Miami as well as Puerto Rico. The position will require the candidate to report directly to the CEO with them monitoring the health care of thousands of patients.


The company is also hiring a Chief Experience Officer for their Fort Lee, New Jersey office. This position will require the candidate to spend about half of their time in Puerto Rico, and it will mostly involve helping InnovaCare Health absorb the twenty-nine thousand Puerto Rican customers InnovaCare recently acquired. The position will require the candidate to ensure that its customer have access to quality healthcare as well as excellent customer service.



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