Tony Petrello Donates To The Neurological Research Institute

The president and CEO of Nabors industries, Tony Petrello and mostly recognized because of the wealth he has gained. He is on the list of among the most paid CEOs in the nation. He has worked for the industry in more than 20 years where he has been able to spearhead the organization success.

Nabors Industry has been able to grow steadily and it deals with the oilfield services and also a contractor driller. It has managed to acquire most of the small business operating in the field which has been able to gain stand-out name and the largest in the world. They have been able to deal with 25 countries that are spreading in the hundreds of the drilling rigs that are active, and it has therefore earned its success and that is why the CEO Tony Petrello is paid at a high rate.

When looking closely at Tony, there is a paint of a different picture of him as a CEO more than what he earns would suggest. Despite being successful in leadership, he is also a philanthropist who is dedicated to the true charitable passion and he promotes. In those who earn much, being a philanthropist is created as a hobby or just the inevitable wealth effect and tax breaks. When it comes to Tony Petrello, it is not that case. He has the passion for medical research and with patient care, it has been able to drive into charitable giving.

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Tony and his wife Cynthia, they have been able to commit $7 million which will help in the development of the Neurological Research Institute called Jan and Duncan. It is located in Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. It has the commitment to researching what causes and treating the neurological issues to children and infants. They aim at helping those youths having mental and physical abilities overcome the brain-damage.

It is because of his daughter that motivated him. The daughter of Tony Petrello, Carena, has been suffering from the periventricular leukomalacia(PVL). it is a neurological disease that occurs due to premature birth in combination with low birth weight. This has led to physical impairments that include, speech difficulty, walking problems, self-feeding problems and delayed motor skills. The case of her daughter is not unique and what they are struggling, is similar to other parents in the world. That is the time when Tony decides to go for a solution because most of the parents will be going for the answers.

Having mathematical experience, he has been hoping to get a well-ordered solution or logical to the problem that is in hand. He discovered that the medical doctors had known little when it comes to neurological diseases of the children. He even became more frustrated after realizing that there was lacking large-scale brain research that could be helping children similar to his daughter.

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