Jeremy L. Goldstein works as a partner member in Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates LLC; this is a law firm that has concentrated in offering advice to the CEOs, compensations committees, management organizations and some of the government agencies. Mr. Goldstein graduated in New York University school of law, an M.S. in the Chicago University.

Jeremy Goldstein still works closely with the school as a member of the Professional Advisory Board of the New York University Journal of Business and Law. Mr. Goldstein has been involved in helping residents in New York Community with the challenge of mental health.

Goldstein has also worked with watchel, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz law firm. Although later he founded his own law firm where he worked in for several years.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in some of the leading transactions over the years.

They include during acquisition of Goodrich By United State Technologies, Merck/Schering plough corporation, Goldman Sachs and TPG/ALLTEL corporation, The Dow Chemical Company, South African Brewing and Philips petroleum company, duke energy progress and Bank of America corporations. Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn

Mr. Goldstein also serves as the chairman of the America Association Business department.Jeremy Goldstein is one of the reliable lawyers because he has experience for many years.

Mr. Goldstein offers advice to the clients about their personal pay and careers. He believes that these are important issues that are close to his client’s hearts. Mr. Goldstein, also he is a writer and speaker on executive compensation issues and management in governing. Jeremy Goldstein is the best lawyer known in the united states.

He is known in developing and keeping relationships with his clients; he believes this helps him to understand clients better to offer them better advice.

Goldstein maintains active communication with his clients even when there is no active matters. Mr. Goldstein provides outstanding services compared to other lawyers in this area. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare and Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

Jeremy Goldstein has worked as a lawyer for over 15 years. Goldstein in his early ages stayed in New Jersey. Although, currently Jeremy Goldstein and his wife live in East Asheville.

Heather, Jeremy Goldstein wife, works at van Winkle law firm, and she is an active member of the community volunteer activities. Jeremy Goldstein is a volunteer chairman in the Asheville Planning and Zoning commission. Jeremy acts as a role model for his children, and he has volunteered himself for the junior achievement of WNC.

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