Anticipating the Next Big Thing with Alex Paul

Alex Pall, apart from being a member of The Chainsmokers production duo, is also a decorated DJ. As you are aware, passion beats talent. Therefore, Pall, apart from being a talent artiste, finds his passion on the turntable, something that has become more of a hobby lately.

Pall, who started to DJ as a young boy, has grown into the art, something that has made him the success he is today. Alex was unfortunate to fall victim to naysayers since what he was doing at the time got considered more of a fun activity as opposed to a full-time job that would help Pall pay his bills. Regardless, Alex Pall stuck to the course hence his current successes.

Alex grew up in New York City, a place that has helped him nurture his talent. Backed by passion, Alex is no longer the man he used to be. The current Pall is as sophisticated as they come, a man who knows how to pull the show wherever he goes.

Recall, people in his time always saw a DJ as a sideshow, one that would never amount to anything. Pall, who was working in an art gallery at the time decided to try his luck in deejaying, something that has paid off in a big way.

It is during his daily escapades that Pall was fortunate in meeting his current manager. Alex got later introduced to Andrew Taggart, his teammate, all thanks to the manager. In short, it is the manager who made Alex Pall into a star and even saw to it that The Chainsmokers becomes a reality.

After the meet, Pall quit his job and Andrew relocated from Maine, a move that saw the two entities create one of the duos that have since taken the world by storm. Like I said, The Chainsmokers is no ordinary duo. It is a team composed of two highly talented individuals who have everything to lose if they do not make it to the top. Alex Pall, after working so hard and for so long, is now reaping the fruits of his labor all because he never gave up.

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