Can Dick DeVos Prevent America From Being as Endangered as the American Bald Eagle?

The American Eagle is a symbol of dominance, power and foresight. Simply being able to fly like birds has given America a distinct advantage over other nations. Can Businessman Dick DeVos help America fly like an eagle again?


American Eagle


The American Eagle is one of the most majestic birds in the world. On June 20, 1782 the American Bald Eagle was selected as the national bird. American Founders thought that the bird was majestic, projecting strength and longevity.


Eagles live 20 years in the wild. The United States of America has survived for more than 230 years. But, some think it is time that the nation gets a makeover.


Americans don’t feel like everything is copacetic. They have used the American Eagle as the symbol of President Trump’s executive office. The United States was also the nation where the Wright Brothers first took flight.


But, something is wrong. Back in the 1700s, there were an estimated 400,000 Bald Eagles. That number fell dangerously low until the eagle became endangered. Thankfully those numbers are rising again.


Now, the number of American Bald Eagles is about 70,000. This has demonstrated the nation’s ability to reinvent itself. Can Pilot Dick DeVos prevent America from being as endangered as the American Bald Eagle?


Pilot Dick DeVos


The DeVos family has understood that something needs to change. That is why they have been behind school vouchers in Michigan. They don’t want to continue to feed a bloated educational bureaucracy that simply doesn’t work. People want to be free to soar like an eagle again.


Pilot Dick DeVos can see the world from the vantage point of the American Bald Eagle when he flies his airplane. He has opened up a flight academy at his home airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is planning for a brighter future.


FAA Appointment


The United States of America has also appointed Pilot Dick DeVos to be on the Civilian Board of the FAA. Here, he can take his vision for soaring with the eagles to the entire nation. Americans don’t want to stop until they have regained their prominence.


America has always had a dramatic vision for the future. The Eagle is the right symbol for seeing above and beyond what others see. The nation has prided itself on its foresight.


Now, Pilot Dick DeVos can help the nation recover, just like the bald eagle. If the eagle can soar again, why can’t America?


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