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The Middle East has not seen peace in generations, but Daniel Taub believes that through opening discussions with surrounding countries it may someday be achieved.

As a diplomat for Israel, Daniel Tsub has been pivotal in improving trade for the troubled country. When the United Nations recently sought out diplomacy with Iran after concern was raised about their attempts to acquire nuclear weapon technology, he and others insisted that it was too little and too late.

Israel as a whole is so concerned about Iran’s goals that they are considering opening up talks with surrounding countries in the Middle East that they still have hostility for.

The Geneva accord struck with Iran was so ineffective in the eyes of Daniel Taub that he has clearly stated to the United Nations and news outlets that Iran is still going to make a nuclear bomb.

This is a highly concerning sentiment, but one many in Iran’s neighboring countries completely agree with. In fact, other diplomats have come forward to say that if their respective countries are attacked with a nuclear weapon by Iran in the next few years it will be because of the United Nation’s actions or lack thereof.

A huge disagreement between the Western nations in the United Nations and Daniel Taub is their failure to demand the removal of certain equipment that is pivotal in the creation of nuclear material that can be used in a weapon.

In exchange for loosened sanctions concerning the tumultuous country, Iran agreed to allow United Nations inspectors to inspect locations for signs of nuclear weaponry and to only possess uranium that is under weapons-grade levels.

While the grade of uranium was of importance at the beginning of discussions, this was before Iran acquired equipment that can easily create purified Uranium out of the stock Iran is allowed to possess under the accord. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

As an ambassador to the United Kingdom, Daniel Taub does not share the views of the Foreign Secretary of the UK, William Hague. Hague was the recipient of praise by the House of Commons for his efforts in brokering the deal with Iran and insists it’s a fantastic work of diplomacy.

Not only is Daniel Taub a foreign diplomat and acclaimed international lawyer, he is also a published writer.

He has written several pieces about the Middle East and Israel in particular and even written and produced a dramatic TV series about stereotypes in Israel.

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