Bruno Fagali Helps Nova/SB To Win Pro-Ethics Label For The Second Time

Bruno Fagali, the prominent integrity manager and Brazilian attorney, helped the advertising giant in the country, Nova/sb to win the Pro-Ethics label for the second time. Interestingly, the great honor is instituted and awarded by CGU and Ministry of Transparency by collaborating with Ethos Institute.

The recognition program was established in the year 2010 in an attempt to promote ethics and integrity in the corporate world of Brazil. It is also aimed to drive transparency in business transactions to battle corruption. While coming to this year’s program, Bruno Fagali, as the corporate integrity manager of the agency, led the agency in its efforts to win the recognition.

Interestingly, Fagali also attended the event along with the senior leadership of the agency. The recognition program starts with companies preparing a formal request to the Ministry. After scrutinizing, the Ministry eliminates most of the companies. Though 375 companies applied this time, only 23, about 6% of the initial applicants, got the seal. Among them, Nova/sb got approved. Bruno Fagali confirmed that more companies are looking for the Label, and compared to the previous edition, as many as 92% more applicants were this time to compete for the recognition program.

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Interestingly, there is a growing need for anti-corruption concerns and companies are becoming ready to implement the best practices as part of their transparency mission. According to the observation of Bruno Fagali, getting the seal became a tough process that needs extensive checks by large teams on every aspect of the company, including the supplier relations, compliance, and more. Interestingly, Nova/sb began its compliance procedures in January 2014 to ensure highest ethical standards to public accounts. Also, receiving the seal became an important factor in getting new business and opportunities as the Label became clearly differential.

Interestingly, the advertising agency was specially appointing Bruno Fagali with a mission to ensure compliance and transparency measures executed in all its operation, all its branches. He began with setting up an employee ethics committee and ensured that every employee and member get equal treatment. To ensure the results are achieved without any compromise, Bruno Fagali’s appointment set for a period of 36 months, during which he cannot be fired.

He also trained the employees of different branches of the agency spread in various cities. Fagali is a legal professional and a partner of his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy. He completed his master’s in State Law from the prestigious University of São Paulo.


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