Whitney Wolfe and Bumble’s Call To Action

Founder and CEO of the social networking and dating app Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, has taken a stand to eliminate guns from certain profiles on the platform. The main motivation for this decision, as Wolfe puts the situation, are the fervent calls for gun control across the nation and the increase in mass shootings that have occurred across the United States. There had been lots of unrest after these occurrences for businesses to publicly disavow the NRA or take more appropriate action within their scope to stand up for gun control.

Bumble is following suit with this measure and hopes to achieve a sense of calm and peace among the site’s users. While the task may seem difficult to ascertain, the company, directed by Whitney Wolfe, has set up a team of about 5,000 staff members to dive into all user profiles and ensure that any photographs featured on their profile will be removed.

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The process is not “black and white,” as Whitney Wolfe puts it, it is actually a case by case basis and many, depending on the subject matter, can be appealed. Whitney Wolfe, after leaving Tinder under difficult circumstances, worked to create a new kind of app experience that did not focus on the male-dominated aspects that stemmed from Tinder and other dating apps, but rather put the focus on the woman, creating a more balanced ideal when using the network.

In this way, Bumble was created on the concept of compassion, acceptance, and kindness. With this mentality, the next steps to act on gun control were necessary steps for the company, as Whitney Wolfe considers, to continue persevering the experience she had initially focused on creating when first developing Bumble. Wolfe went to Southern Methodist University and married Michael Herd in 2017. She has continued her career with Bumble and plans to preserve the purpose for which it was created, as a form of social interaction, with new systems not only for dating, like Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, which are for friendships and networking respectively.

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