How Roberto Santiago Has Succeeded in Shopping Sector

Roberto Santiago has gained popularity in Joao Pessoa due to his success in business ventures. He has made notable transformations in the shopping industries through the construction of modern shopping mall .the mall is known as Manaira Shopping. The mall has attracted the attention of local and foreign investors. Manaira Shopping has excellent features that make it attraction hub for many people .the mall has space for gym, theaters and many other shopping stalls. Roberto Santiago constructed a modern hall known as on top of the Manaira Shopping. The hall has hosted many events from various people in the is spacious and it is fitted with state of the art technology.

Roberto Santiago has made a lot of contributions in Paraiba’s shopping sector. He is the one behind the introduction of entertainment and leisure centers under one roof. The Manaira Shopping has been constructed with the aim of satisfying the needs of the customers in Joao Pessoa. Santiago invested his time in gaining experience in various institutions before starting his businesses. He worked at CafĂ© Santa Rosa and used the money earned to establish carton printing company. The hard work and passion he has in the businesses made him successful in real estate investment. Roberto has a solid educational foundation from University Center of Joao Pessoa. He graduated with B.A from the same institution.

Roberto Santiago constructed Domus Hall with the aim of attracting both local and international artists. The target group was the musicians. He wanted the musicians to introduce new tunes and style into the city. Some of the musical styles that have been introduced in the city include rap, samba, and sertanejo. Many artists have performed in the hall. Some of the notable artists that have been hosted in the hall are Carolina and Jorge Mario de Silva. Domus Hall has also hosted O Rappa band. The band has gained popularity due to the kind of entertainment that it provides. It is famous for entertaining the guests with social lyrics. Social lyrics are made up of rap, reggae, and other tunes. The hall is also open for other events such as weddings and has attracted many people due to the technology that was employed in the construction. The sound system in the hall is of high quality. The operations of the hall have been successful due to the leadership of Roberto Santiago.

Roberto Santiago has contributed largely towards the improvement of the economy. The Manaira Shopping employs thousands of people .it has also become an attraction center for foreign real estate developers. Santiago has given back to the community through the philanthropic work that he has initiated. He has assisted many investors with technical and financial support to enhance their investments.


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