OSI Group honored for its protection of the environment

The OSI Food Group has become one of the country’s top privately owned companies, specializing in meat processing. The company after many years is now located in Aurora, Illinois. The company was originally started by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 as a meat market. Otto Kolschowsky later expanded into a wholesale market trade. He eventually relocated the business to several local suburbs. In 1928, the company was called Otto and Sons. The company gained a reputation for providing high quality meat.

Otto Kolschowsky reached a deal in 1995 with McDonalds to become one of their main suppliers of fresh ground beef patties. After making this deal, Otto and Sons became focused on supplying beef to local McDonald’s businesses around the area. They also then became involved with cryogenic food processing, which is a process that preserves fresh meat through liquid nitrogen freezing. Otto & Sons bought and opened their first meat plant in West Chicago with their focus on beef patties and liquid nitrogen freezing them. As business continued to grow, the company decided to branch off and split their non-McDonald’s related work into Glenmark. Glenmark focused on small local operations that provided meats to local supermarkets. In 1975, Otto and Sons became known as the OSI Food Group.

The OSI Group continues to reach successes and in 2011 was named as America’s 136th largest private company, making a yearly revenue of $3 billion. Later in 2016, Forbes called it number 58 in the list of largest private companies. By then they were making a yearly revenue of $6 billion. As they continued to grow, they built plants all over the country including in places like Chicago, Geneva and West Chicago in Illinois, as well as Oakland, Iowa, West Jordan, Utah, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, and Riverside, California. The company operates 65 facilities in 17 countries. The OSI Group was recently given an award for their strong environmental risk management strategies. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago

In 2016, the British Safety Council awarded the OSI Group and 18 other similar companies with the Globe of Honor Award. The British Safety Council audited these forms to determine their environmental risk management performance. The OSI Group and others are then awarded a score based on a star-based system, with five stars being the best. All the companies nominated earned five-stars. Now the OSI Group is continuing their work to even be better when it comes to environmental risk management. OSI Group acquires Baho Food.

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