The Role of Michael Lacey in Growth of Mathematics Curriculum

Michael Lacey is a distinguished academician. He holds a Ph.D. degree qualification from the University of Illinois. Lacey, born in the year 1959, Lacey’s doctoral thesis focused on probability and in specific the Banach spaces.

The argument aimed at solving the problems that relate to the iterating law of algorithm on various characteristics. In all his studies and lectures, he focuses on these areas of mathematics; harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and probability.

Owing to his in-depth knowledge of mathematics, Michael Lacey has been a lecturer in various universities. He has emphatically used the position to impart knowledge and challenge students to come up with solutions relating to this area of study.

Some of the institutions that Lacey has been teaching include the University of North Carolina and the Indiana University. While at the North Carolina University, Lacey together with Walter Philip submitted the central limit theory.

While at Indiana University, Lacey was a doctoral fellowship guy. It is at this time that the interest for bilinear Hilbert transform grew tremendously.

Later, Alberto Calderon a mathematician by profession placed a conjecture to the transform. Lacey in collaboration with Christoph Thiele was able to solve it in 1996; there were awarded the Salem Prize in honor of their achievement. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

In the same year, Michael Lacey rose to the rank of Professor of Mathematics at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a professor, Lacey has used his knowledge and experience in increasing the knowledge sphere through research. With this, he has been in a position to make an immense contribution in this specific area of study.

Michael Lacey appreciates the need for collaboration and teamwork in his research activities. Due to cooperation, Lacey and his team members are in a position to enjoy the benefits of synergy. As such, most research work and topics are completed within the set time frames.

Unlike most Professors who advise their students to approach mathematics as a solo subject, Lacey calls for group approach towards solving math-related problems. Through groups, the students are in a position to critique each other and in the process developing the best solutions.

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