An Ambassadors Role with Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub has been the ambassador of Israeli to Britain for four years. What does it take to be an ambassador? Being an ambassador is a not an easy job. It is a job that only the strong and mighty can handle. This is because there compulsory sacrifices that one has to make. The greatest sacrifice is leaving your country and live in a foreign country. The duty, therefore, requires a flexible individual. A person who is ready to explore other foods, deal with a different climate and different beliefs.


An ambassador also has to be someone who understands the beliefs and culture of his people. He must represent every person in the country.


Their many benefits that come along with great diplomatic relations between two countries, it is the duty of an ambassador to see that this happens.


A good trade can only be possible if the countries exist peacefully. Sometimes similarity of products in a country can lead to a low GDP. A chance to outsource the products is, therefore, a great opportunity for every country. Sometimes during a financial crisis or civil wars, other states help settle matters of the nations.


Daniel Taub has made possible for the Britain and Israel to enjoy this benefits. Through him, the two countries are closer than before. There is cultural and lifestyle exchange. Trade between the two countries is described as the golden era during his time. The total value of the bilateral trade between the two countries is $7.7 million. There are 300 Israeli businesses in Britain.


The Israeli are happy to have a chance to expand their market. The Britain Citizens, on the other hand, are enjoying multiple benefits. They have various products to choose from when shopping. The Israel products have also stiffened competition. As a result, they are enjoying quality products and fair prices.


During his farewell party, Daniel Taub is satisfied with what he has done. To him, he has accomplished his goal. Everyone in his party agrees.


He reflects back to when he went to present his documents to the Queen as the official ambassador of Israeli. He recalls the Queens concern. She asked him how it felt representing a foreign country in his birth country because Daniel Taub was born in Britain and relocated to Israel less than 30 years ago.


Daniel Taub, however, saw this as an opportunity to bring the two states together, which was like a gift to them. He is happy to have seen his sacrifice was worth it.

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  1. I do believe that the good people of Israel has got themselves some one that puts them first and that is a virtue that is so rare. Though essaysuniverse has epitomized something that a lot of people couldn’t achieve and it makes me want to believe that the legacy that he has created would be passed on to the next person that will take up that role.


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