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Richard Blair is the founder of the wealth solutions, an Austin, Texas-based investment firm. He had the goal of helping make a positive value to the lives of individual, families and business owners. Richard had a passion for education considering that his wife, grandmother, and mother were tutors. He found out that teaching enhances ones knowledge and confidence. He also had a natural knack for finance which made him realize that he could teach people about investments and financial planning. He is certified in different financial disciplines such as investment adviser representative, annuity specialist, tax specialist, fund specialist, income specialist, estate and trust specialist and retirement income specialist. He has almost two dozen years of experience in financial planning services.


Soon after graduating in 1993, he joined the financial sector. He found the Wealth Solutions in 1994 to offer financial services and advice to his customers. He has since specialized in retirement planning where he helps clients with financial planning for the gray days. He assists them to close the gap between the plan for retirements and living in retirement. This ensures that they do not get trapped in pitfalls that most people find themselves in once they reach their retirement age. For instance, they may have to change a lifestyle depending on their savings and incomes.


Wealth Solutions Inc provides customized, and complete financial planning to families, small business, and individuals in Houston, marble falls, Georgetown, Bastrop, New Braunfels and Austin. WSI believes that strategies must adapt to the changing financial markets.


The firm excels in providing dynamic opportunities and conservative solutions that allow many customers to participate in low-risk investments. WSI knows that when most people are planning for their retirement, they have a primary objective of preserving their wealth and steady retirement income. They also want to leave a legacy to their offspring’s. The company, therefore, provides a comprehensive strategy to help pursue those goals.


In advancement of these goals, they offer asset preservation. These services allow growth, management, and conservation of the assets. Richard Blair is very helpful when it comes to managing one’s wealth.


Most people aren’t sure of how to handle their retirement plan or expenditure. Avoid any guesswork if you do not have the time and experience. They offer advisory services to help demystify the elements that can confuse in wealth management. WSI offers a learning center where you can enroll to get the weekly, monthly and quarterly emails for the financial education program. Continuing education is the core means of the advisor-client relationship. Learn more:


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