Roberto Santiago Created the Manaira Mall for Success

Since Roberto Santiago first created the Manaira Mall, he was planning to make it as successful as possible. He knew he would need to do different things to make the mall a successful opportunity so he chose to try different things that most people would not have done with the mall. When Roberto Santiago was making the Manaira Mall, he knew he would need to work on the building and the development of the mall if he wanted a chance to show others what they could do while they were at the mall. It was a way for Roberto Santiago to choose different things on his own. It was also a way for Roberto Santiago to know what he could do to make everything better no matter what was going on with the Brazilian economy. For Roberto Santiago to do all this, he had to be prepared to show people what they could get from different situations.


As long as people were doing what they could to shop at the mall, Roberto Santiago knew he would make money. For that reason, he put a variety of stores in the mall. The stores had different categories that would satisfy different needs the customers had. For example, he chose to put designer stores and smaller traditional stores all in the same place. People who were coming to the mall as tourists would have the same chance to shop for things that people who were coming to the mall as locals would have.


The mall also had different dining options. While the chain restaurants are a popular part of most malls, Roberto Santiago wanted the Manaira Mall to have more than just that. He chose to have traditional Brazilian restaurants in the Manaira Mall so people would have a chance to eat anything they wanted while they were there. It was Roberto Santiago’s idea to make the mall the best it could be by offering different options to people who shopped there. He believes this is what allowed his mall to continue to profit while other malls around the country and the world were doing poorly.


When Roberto Santiago created the mall, he wanted to have entertainment options for all of his customers. This meant he put an 11 theater movie complex in the mall, but it also meant he would have to do other things too. He chose to put the expo center on the roof of the mall so people would come to see the shows and events he had planned for there. The expo center would be Roberto Santiago’s way to make the mall an even bigger tourist attraction than what it was on its own. It helped to keep the mall alive.


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