Securus Technologies: The Market Leader

Securus is a lead company in the correctional industry both in terms of size and performance. The company operates in more than 3,400 prisons across the 48 states. It serves more than 1.2 convicts across the country. Given its broad market base, the company operates all through; 24 hours per day in the seven days of the week. Within its 30 years of operation in the industry, Securus Technologies has had more than 140 patents and has 90 more products on the line waiting to be licensed. The most selling service of the company is the Secure Call Platform (SPC) where the company has made more than 2,200 installations.



Securus Technologies Makes Life Easy



Securus Technologies makes life easy by connecting family and friends to those in prison, allowing the correctional facility personnel to obtain critical information, allowing the inmates to be connected to technology, and it has also made investigation easier. Securus made a release this year of a wireless containment solution which was technologically advanced to preclude contraband cell phones from connecting to mobile networks.



A Few of Customer Responses



When interviewed about Securus Technologies, the customers gave very positive responses: One of the customers congratulated the company for its efforts in bettering the correctional industry. The client said that they had been using the company’s products for many years and they were happy with them. They play a broad role in ensuring flawlessness in incarcerated environments.



The next one said that through the use of Securus Technologies’ products, they were able to better their correctional facility. They were able to obtain information regarding drug abuse, drug transactions, suspicious conversations, use of cellular devices and other threats.


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