How Nick Vertucci Helps People Make Money Flipping Real Estate

After a hard upbringing, Nick Vertucci started his first company in his early 20’s. He sold computer parts to other consumers and small businesses out of his storefront. He also got married and had three children, all girls. Things were going well for him up until 2000 when the stock market crashed costing him all of his investments and his business.

Even after 18 months he wasn’t able to locate a job. He progressively got further mired in debt and outside of his home he lost everything. Attending a real estate training seminar a friend had referred him to changed everything for him. He learned about how he could not only get out of debt but make a very good career for himself investing in real estate on

Over the course of a decade, Nick Vertucci developed a system that enabled him to be successful in the real estate industry. After making a million dollars buying and selling homes he decided to teach this simple, straightforward system to others so that they could find similar success. Vertucci founded Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. in 2013 and serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. His company’s product is NV Real Estate Academy that helps other people succeed in the field of real estate.

At NV Real Estate Academy, they use a group of Student Educators which teach people how to make money buying real estate. The slogan of the company is, “Get In. Get Out. Get Paid.”. People across the United States have attended Nick Vertucci’s Academy and learned how to buy properties, quickly renovate them, and then resell them for a great profit according to Twitter.

The system that Nick Vertucci devised falls into three simple steps. The first step is to find a great deal on a house and make a successful bid on it. The second step is to prepare them in order to make a great profit at This can involve rehabilitating the home, renting it out to tenants, or wholesaling it. The third step is to profit by either selling the home or keeping it as a rental while its value increases further creating profits.

The NV Real Estate Academy workshops are held around the nation. Upcoming events include stops in Fresno, California; Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; and Atlanta, Georgia among others. Each workshop takes place over 3-5 days and includes everything that is needed to be known in order to use Nick’s real estate system.

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