Samuel Strauch’s Outstanding Business Strategies

Strauch is a renowned investor in several restaurant and internet businesses. In addition to that, he is a photography and art enthusiast.

In an interview conducted by Idea-mensch, Samuel Strauch stated that his business ideas came from real estate developments in Miami, Miami’s transformation from a small holiday town to a metropolis and belief in his ability to convince international investors and clients to start his business.

Samuel Strauch said that he does not have a routine of how he carries out his operations. He said that his typical days are different all through. His primary focus in business is building and strengthening relationships with partners, investors, colleagues, and brokers. He also values meeting new people because it helps him find new ideas, find new properties, build new relationships and increase the number of clients he already has. This strategy also helps him to make new friends.

Being creative and forward thinking are some of the strategies that enable him to come up with new business ideas. Samuel Strauch and his colleagues analyze the viability of business ideas and are always open minded. For viable ideas, they investing in time and resources to them. Meditating is a habit that allows Samuel Strauch to get peace of mind and to focus on his professional and personal life.

After college, Strauch disliked his job where he worked in the operational department because he found it boring. The job did not fit his interpersonal and creative side. After some time, he decided to quit to pursue his interests. Samuel Strauch also states that his biggest weakness in the past was being too trustworthy thus ending up being messed severally. However, he said that his past has no regrets because his positive deeds outweigh negative ones.

Samuel Strauch encourages entrepreneurs to be grateful for their achievements, to stay curious with an open mind, and to set goals and intentions for each day. This strategy enables him to stay humble and focused. Samuel Strauch also advises entrepreneurs to think of win-win situations while interacting with investors, partners, and colleagues among others. Samuel also states that he gets business ideas during creative and leisure activities.

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