George Soros: Progressive Angel, Right-Wing Boogeyman

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He grew up right during the middle of a Nazi occupation during the mid ’40s. As a citizen of Budapest during the occupation he got to see firsthand as his family, friends, and neighbors were killed or dragged off — never to be seen again. It was during these formative years that Soros made a realization: he was going to change the world, and he was going to do it for as many people as possible. Nowadays George Soros is the biggest philanthropist on the planet and his work toward progressive and social justice causes has made him a hero of millions. How did he go from a starving child during Nazi occupied Hungary to where he is today? Well, let’s find out.

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Though it might have felt like it, Soros’ life in Nazi occupied Hungary would not last a lifetime. Before he knew it he was emigrating to London where he would really begin to cultivate the backbone of his lifelong career in service to the people. Soros struggled with part time jobs, working as a waiter at a night club, while he studied at the London School of Economics. Here at school Soros would be introduced to the philosophy and works of Karl Popper. Popper advocated for the concept that totalitarianism could only be defeated by the freedoms of the people. These words stirred something deep within Soros and it would cultivate who he would become years down the line. Know more on about George Soros.

Eventually George Soros would graduate and begin focusing on creating his own enterprise. Soros sailed to New York in 1956 where he would take on a job working for a Wall Street firm called F.M. Mayer. This job would lead right into his decision to create the Soros Fund, in 1973 that would make his wealth come to fruition. Soros would soon become one of the wealthiest investors to ever grace the soil of the United States but he did not hoard that wealth. Instead, Soros focused on becoming one of the biggest philanthropists in the world. This is the George Soros that people are familiar with today and this is the George Soros that is changing the world around him for the better.

Still, Soros would not be without his detractors — particularly those on the right wing side of things. Due to George Soros focus on democracy, social causes, and unified democracy he has become the target of various conspiracies on the right wing side of things. He’s become something of a boogeyman. This demonization of one of the greatest philanthropists of our time shows just how important his work is and will continue to be. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.


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