Using Securus Technologies for Collecting Evidence in a Case

I work the narcotics division in our town and I’ve been trying to bring two suspects to justice for months. These two brothers not only have been accused of using a weapon to hold up a bank and assault victims in a bar, they are now moving on to home invasions. The trouble with these two brothers is that they are not afraid to taunt the police and post their crimes on social media. We are afraid if we do not apprehend these two soon that someone is going to really get hurt.


One night, my team was alerted the brothers were at a party and discharged the weapon during a fight. While I was able to get to the scene quickly, we were only able to bring one of the brothers into custody. After the brother was placed in jail, the other brother went on a rampage.


Not having his brother around to help with the crime spree, this brother started to threaten police and dared us to get in a gun fight with him. We closely monitored calls at the call when his bother would use the inmate communication system, but we were unable to gather information to catch the fugitive.


Around this time, Securus Technologies was installing a new inmate communication system that was equipped with new software that would allow us to gather more information when inmates were talking. The two brothers actually began talking on the phone and we were able to collect evidence they were both involved in more crimes than we thought, and were also tipped off the one brother was about to rob a local bank to fund his drug habit.


We had a team in place the day the brother walking into the bank, and we took him down and reunited him with his brother thanks to the Securus Technologies.


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