Samuel Strauch – A Real Estate Agent You Can Trust In Miami, FL

The housing market in the Miami is showing some signs of improvement after a few years of downfall, and it is a great sign for the sellers who are looking to sell off their properties or investors who are looking for a profitable real estate investment. In the past few years, not only the real estate market has been sluggish, even the amount of buying options available were limited, which discouraged many investors and buyers to invest their money in the Miami, FL.

However, the housing market is slowly recovery, and the United States real estate market, in general, is showing signs of improvement in the past few quarters. Many Mexican investors are investing in the property space of Miami, FL region, and it has also helped the said land space to recover faster than many other developed housing markets. As Miami is a famed tourist destination with many foreign investors looking to have their weekend and vacation homes, the market is not only improving, but also expanding.

Samuel Strauch, one of the noted real estate agents in Miami, has helped many investors, buyers and sellers to get just what they were looking for in the real estate market in the region. With over 14 years of experience in the housing and commercial real estate market, Samuel Strauch is a smart investor and real estate agent who understand what the client is looking for.

Samuel Strauch completed his degree in business from Hofstra University in New York and went on to pursue higher studies from the reputed Harvard University and Erasmus University.


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  1. Samuel Strauch is an authorized land specialist at Affinity Realty Group and is likewise the proprietor and Principal at Metrik Real Estate. He has a decent comprehension of the land showcase and throughout the years has shut land exchanges worth a large number of dollars. It is also important to understand that would these things readily available for the others to accept full control of what is needed when it comes to writing about their exploits.


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