Whitney Wolfe Challenges The Dating App World

Whitney Wolfe is someone that has become a dominant player in the dating app industry. She has risen from the rank of a young female entrepreneur with aspirations to build a business to a solar power house that has lofty goals for the dating app industry.

Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to dating apps. She is the co-founder of Tinder, but this was a project that was not all her own. With her new app Bumble she is making sure people know that she is brains behind and the face in front of this company. She has created an app that is challenging other male app competitors to do better. She is taking the lead and changing the app industry by putting women in place as they ones that make the move first.

There is lots of buzz about what Wolfe is doing, and it appears that more people are interested in the way that she is changing social media. She is also coming up with a Bumble friend app and another bumble app for networking as well. She is planning to use these two areas to make Bumble a triple threat in the social media industry. She does not plan to stay stagnant and simply listen to what everyone else is doing. Whitney Wolfe has a plan to make a name for herself.

Whitney Wolfe has become one of the most innovative forces in the industry, and she appears to have a knack for attracting the young crowd of millennials that were looking for something different. This has been easy for her to do because she is a young person as well. She knows what young people like because she is still in that age bracket with millennials. The Bumble app is the dating app for her generation.

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