Squaw Valley Water Quality Update

Update: The unusual weather event this October in Placer County which effect several water systems in Squaw Valley, are now seeing signs of improvement. According to Wesly Nicks director of Placer County Environmental health, “Three of the four wells that serve upper mountain are showing low levels of coliform and no E. coli.” The water quality is improving. It is also important to note, that at no time during this time of examining the water quality, was anyone in the public exposed to the said water in question. There have been no reports of health concerns or related issues to any individuals at all. If such health concerns had arisen, the public would have quickly been informed. The concerns of the community are valid especially the rather large concentration of guests in the resorts. Guests of the upper camps such as High Camp and Gold Coast will have semi-normal access to the facilities, and as a precaution there will be free bottled water for drinking. As a continued precaution, restaurants will remain closed. This precaution regarding the restaurants should in no was not be seen as a negative reflection regarding the improvement of the water quality. Top to bottom skiing will be allowed. Skiers can rest assure that full cooperation between local environmental service in Placer County are being fully utilized and constantly updated. The community will be updated as information becomes available.

Learn more: http://mynews4.com/news/local/e-coli-found-in-squaw-valley-resort-water-health-officials

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